Our Vision


Engage students, families and community members through:

  • open and effective relationships.
  • participating in local, national and global contexts.
  • the use of appropriate technologies.
  • relationships with Ngati Toa, contributing and receiving schools, and cultural and community groups.


Grow independent, collaborative learners who are:

  • self-motivated, engaged learners, both students and adults.
  • equipped with the values to behave both now and in the future.
  • thinking and reflective learners who relate well to others and problem solve.
  • able to transfer skills across a wide range of contexts progressing in their achievement against national standards.


Students’ learning is inspired through:

  • innovative learning environments and teaching practice.
  • the provision of learning spaces which are safe, flexible, welcoming to children, ergonomically designed, future proofed, energy efficient and surrounded by attractive grounds.